Thursday, September 30, 2010

High school will be next.

Okay, we weren't going to pick on poor Christine any more, but how can we resist. She seems to have almost as much trouble with the truth as Sarah Palin—calm down, we said almost. But every day there's something new. This is a screenshot of her Linkedin profile which we got from TPM. The footnotes are from The Goombah:
  1. Claimed for years she had a bachelors degree in English and communications (there's a difference?) from ol' Farleigh Dick. Actually received the degree four weeks ago. Honest mistake. After all, she never claimed to have majored in arithmetic.
  2. Actually it was just a class at someplace called The Claremont Institute, not Claremont Graduate University. Come on, cut a girl some slack. They're both Claremont.
  3. Well, it was actually a continuing education class, but it took place in a room that was rented from Oxford University. Does that count?

You know, it may be time for Christine to fire her campaign manager...Oh Wait! it's this guy.
Hope He does a better job with her than he did with Pat Robertson.
Okay, no I don't really.

UPDATE: It seems she may have lied on and about her ZoomInfo listing (who comes up with these stupid names?), so she'll probably win the election. And according to this piece in Newsweek, O'Donnell claimed to take graduate courses at Princeton, which (do I have to say it) she never took. Anyway, TPM is staying on top of this breaking story.

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I have a degree in English, and YES... there is a difference between and English degree and a Communications degree.

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